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Dr. Lisa KW Chan

- Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)
- Master of Science in Practical Dermatology (Cardiff University)
- Postgraduate Diploma in Practical Dermatology (Cardiff University)
- Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Dermatology (Queen Mary, University of London)
- CUHK Diploma in Advances in Medicine (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)
- Diploma in Child Health (The University of Sydney)

Dr Lisa Chan is a general practitioner with an avid interest in aesthetic medicine and aesthetic gynaecology. A graduate of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Dr Chan further obtained a Master’s in Practical Dermatology with Distinction at Cardiff University and Diplomas in Dermatology at Cardiff University and Queen Mary, University of London. Her other credentials include Diploma in Advances of Medicine at CUHK and Diploma in Child Health at the University of Sydney. In 2018, she obtained her second Master's at Queen Mary, University of London (research interest : anatomy, dermal fillers and threading), and further received her overseas training in Aesthetic Gynaecology by Dr. Mucio Porto and Dr. Rashad G. Haddad, world-renowned Brazilian plastic surgeon and French gynaecologist, respectively. (Interest: majora augmentation, vulval rejuvenation and “G-spot” injections)

Her practices in Yau Ma Tei and Tin Hau treat discerning patients on issues such as acne, tired-looking eyes, facial contour enhancement, genital warts and skin hyperpigmentation.

On top of her demanding work schedule, Dr Chan also contributes in the academic field as a tutor at the Department of Dermatology, Cardiff University and a lecturer at the Faculty of Medicine, Jockey Club School of Public Health and Primary Care. She is a member of AAAM (American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine) and ADAM (Association of Doctors in Aesthetic Medicine (HK)), and has lectured international conferences including IMCAS Asia 2019 and IMCAS World Congress 2020.

Dr Chan has always been a seeker of beauty in all its forms, whether in art, music, calligraphy or determining the perfect proportions of facial features. She takes pride in being up to date with the rapid advances in modern medicine and technology, and has written educational articles for major publications such as Marie Claire, Elle Magazine, Cosmopolitan, Harper Bazaar, HK01, Apple Daily Deluxe, Jessica Magazine,, AM730, HK Headline etc.

In her free time, Dr Chan enjoys the piano, painting, calligraphy and high intensity interval training.




陳醫生現於英國卡迪夫大學醫學院擔任導師及閱卷員、香港中文大學醫學院賽馬會公共衛生及基層醫療學院名譽臨床導師 (Honorary clinical tutor)、亞洲醫療專家學院及國際醫學美容協會主辦的基礎醫學美容證書課程 2019 導師、2019年英思卡亞洲年會講者、及2020年英思卡巴黎國際年會 (International Master Course on Aging Science World Congress) 講者。她同時亦是香港醫療美容醫生協會 (ADAM) 及美國醫學美容學會 (AAAM) 會員。

2018 年,陳醫生於英國倫敦瑪麗女王大學考獲她第二個碩士學位,她的畢業研究項目包括人體臉部解剖學、透明質酸和線雕。同年,陳醫生亦出國跟著名巴西整形外科醫生 Dr. Mucio Porto 及法國婦產科醫生 Dr. Rashad G. Haddad 進行女性生殖部位微整型的訓練,當中的研究包括 : 陰道激光、陰唇微整形、外陰唇美白、透明質酸填充陰蒂和 G 點。



工餘時間,陳醫生也熱愛寫作,作品散見於不同雜誌。2019 年⼀場巴黎之旅,啟發了她對著書的熱誠,經過不懈的努力,終於寫成《美學》一書。書中表達了陳醫生個人對美和生命的感悟,也藉此感謝在追求美的路上,所得到的支持和愛護。